The game that will blow your socks off!

Compete with real players in a fully action packed game!

Master the skills, Know your combos, and become a true fighter!

"Still in development, yet very competitive and intense, impressive and fun smooth skills, outplaying the enemy is key to claim victory here."
- Alpha Tester
"Hell of a fun, especially for those competitive gamers, bunch of action and skills, the combat is fast paced with awesome skills! know your fighter!"
- Alpha Tester
Competitive  Multiplayer
Work with your team in order to outplay the enemy, call your friends and build your own true team, claim victories, climb the ranking ladder, and eventually you may be the strongest fighter, you have all the opportunities as every other player.
Great  Community
Join this awesome community, meet new friends, build teams together and compete. The community is built from players that seek challenges and respect other players in order to provide the best gaming experience for everyone. So are you one of us? Join now!

Fast-paced  Combat
In the heat of battle, you got to take the enemy flag, with all the cooldown removed from your skills, you and your teammates attack the enemy, fast decision making, tactical thinking, dodge the enemy attacks, remember the combos you've trained! ..what a fight would it be!
Tons  of  Action
You choose who you are going to be, are you a tank or an assassin? maybe you are a mage type-the one that unleashes tons of electricity in the heat of battle. What role are you going to play? are you the one defending the flag or the one rushing the enemy flag? Your choice!